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Client Testimonials for Family Law & Divorce Attorney Wendy Alton

With consistent positive reviews and high ratings, Wendy Alton delivers time and again for her clients. Not only are they extremely satisfied with how she supports them and guides them through their family law cases, but they also recommend her to friends and family. Check out these reviews via Avvo to hear what Ann Arbor family law lawyer Wendy Alton’s clients have to say about her professionalism, skill and experience.

Wendy = a great investment!

“investment is the hallmark of Wendy! First and foremost, she invests in you personally by taking the time to really listen and care about you and your story. She showed great compassion and empathy at a time I needed it most. Knowing your story, she uses her expertise and experience to educate and guide you in the process all while investing and advocating for your best interests. Her understanding and positive connections in the family law system are a valuable asset. You will quickly gain both trust and respect for Wendy. She is not only someone I would invest in again for my representation, but also personally as a friend!”

Thoughtful, thorough and experienced.

“Wendy is a fabulous example of someone who listens first, then answers in a most thoughtful and honest way. She is guided by a sincere interest in helping people, and I can say without hesitation that she helped me through a tremendously difficult time. I am ever thankful for her balanced approach, offering insight and perspective that guided me (and my daughter) through choppy waters. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Excellent, Knowledgeable and Great to Work with.

“Wendy worked with me throughout the process of my divorce which included creating a Karen T.I. by time schedule with my children. Not only was she wonderful to work with as a person, she is also extremely organized, reliable, intelligent and well known in the field. Other attorneys and court employees enjoyed working with her which is a plus. She had great insight into situations and I quickly developed full trust in her judgment and advice. I would highly recommend her as an attorney and would absolutely work with her again in the future if the need arises.”

So pleased with Wendy

“Wendy was referred to me indirectly through another attorney. Having no experience with the process, Wendy was kind, patient, empathetic yet extremely positive and professional. Her experience really shone as we ran into opposition/ resistance in the process. She was not just highly intelligent in her approach, but also forward-thinking for my present and future well-being. I was very pleased with Wendy’s understanding of the court system and how to navigate for the best result. Without any doubt, I would highly recommend Wendy for any divorce or family law issue. She is a super individual and attorney who goes to the mat for her client! I learned so much due to her willingness to educate me and repeatedly re-educate me during a very mentally and emotionally draining time. Thank you, Wendy! Life is Good!”

Child support case

“I had one of the worst child support cases ever, it seemed. I was so relieved when i hired Wendy Alton. She is THE BEST attorney out there. She is highly efficient, keeps the drama to the lowest minimum possible, explains things thoroughly, communicates to the courts in a very impressive and clear manner. I didn’t have to worry about anything. She did an excellent job handling everything and being an honest attorney she only filed the necessities in keeping the cost down. I appreciate her so much. I would highly recommend her. She is truly the best of the best.”

Best Decision to work with Wendy

“Divorce is very confusing and stressful and that’s even before hiring an attorney. Wendy changed all of that for me. She was an advocate for me and did what she could to make the whole process less stressful. Wendy is extremely thoughtful and detailed oriented. She made sure I would be taken care of and we went through mediation seamlessly. In the end, I got a more than fair settlement and someone I now consider a friend. I will be using Wendy for any future legal matters that arise from my divorce. If you are facing divorce, contact Wendy. Best decision I made.”

Top Notch

“Wendy was a breath of fresh air… beyond what I had ever expected in an attorney. She was kind & loving but extremely honest with me during my divorce. She clearly knew the law & wasn’t afraid to dig up the facts to best represent me to the judge. Wendy is nothing if not thorough & her attention to detail is unmatched. Integrity is absolutely her guidepost & any opportunity to work with her will prove that. Even now, after three years have passed, I still see the fruits of her investment in my family. She does not take this privilege to serve lightly.”

You WANT Wendy on your side!!!

“I came to Wendy with a very delicate divorce situation – one that needed compassion as well as legal expertise. Wendy went out of her way to ensure that my divorce was handled with my best interest in mind. She came to me when I couldn’t get to her to sign the necessary documents and even handled an unexpected emergency situation quickly. Wendy and her team were always quick to answer any questions that I had and gave consistent updates on my case. I highly recommend you speak with Wendy if you are entering the divorce process and need someone on your side.”

The Best

“I needed an attorney and a friend of a friend recommended Wendy. I can not say enough good things about her, she’s fair, she’s honest, “an honest attorney?”, you may ask, and my answer is “absolutely, yes”. There were no fees that were hidden, she didn’t make false promises, she didn’t push me to fight for something that she knew would be in vain. Wendy was excellent in making sure I understood my rights but not overbearing in which direction I should take the divorce. My divorce could have been a lot worse than it was if I had an attorney who’s only concern was the amount of money she was going to make from my horrible predicament. I caution you to be wary of the “sharks” their interest is your money, not what is going to be best for you. Wendy is not a shark, she will fight hard for you, believe me, but she won’t fight to get all she can out of you. I would recommend Wendy Alton to anybody that needed an honest, fair, caring attorney in a world where very few exist.”