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Certified Divorce Mediator In Ann Arbor

Wendy Alton handles family and divorce mediation two different ways: 1.) as an attorney representing a client who wants to take their family law proceedings to a neutral mediator to help them create a workable solution, and 2.) as a certified mediator herself, who serves as a neutral problem solver with two people she does not already represent.

What Is Family Law & Divorce Mediation?

In family law cases involving divorce, child custody,  support, parenting time, or property division, mediation involves two parties coming together to address their differences with a trained, impartial mediator who helps them craft agreeable solutions. Family law and divorce mediation can occur with your attorneys or without attorneys.

What Does a Family Law & Divorce Mediator Do?

The neutral mediator is there to help people resolve their differences and create solutions. Oftentimes the two opposing parties are just too far apart on an issue and their attorneys cannot bridge the divide to negotiate a final settlement. The mediator works with the two parties, and often their attorneys, to help them see the other side, acknowledge possible weaknesses in their position and think about compromises that might satisfy both parties.

What Are the Advantages of Family Law & Divorce Mediation?

While mediation is often ordered by the Court, people also choose family law & divorce mediation for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is often far less expensive than litigation.
  • It’s private and confidential.
  • It provides more control over timing than litigation.
  • It is often less disruptive and destructive to families.
  • The parties are able to create their own solutions and make their own decisions rather than let a judge decide their fate.

Representing a Client During Family or Divorce Mediation

When Wendy Alton is representing an individual client, going to mediation is a great tool for working through unresolved issues and coming up with creative solutions that may help settle the case. In this role, she is an advocate going to bat for her client.

Serving as a Certified Divorce and Child Custody Mediator

When acting as a family law and divorce mediator, Wendy Alton is the impartial, neutral problem-solver who helps two parties work through their disputes. In this role, she does not take the side of either party. Instead, she helps people communicate so they can better understand their problems and creatively find solutions. She discourages intimidation and posturing and encourages cooperation and open discussion.

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